Big beef cows are history

Choose Hereford as part of the next generation of UK suckler cows

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It is no secret that most beef suckler cows aren't profitable due to eating too much and being too high maintenance and slow at getting back in calf.

Most of the costs are in keeping the cow.

Using a Hereford bull on your present cows will give you hybrid vigour and a medium sized, efficient & easily fed cow.

Always ask to see female relatives of the bull you are considering. You'll need to find a bull with breeding for good feet and udders also.

EBV's that are important are the Maternal Calving Ease, Milk & Scrotal Circumference (which is linked to heifer fertility!)

As well as giving you good, long lasting herd replacements, the male calves will be easy finishing and give you a premium as stores or finished into a Hereford/Native beef scheme.

Please give Moorside Poll Herefords a call to see what we have that is suitable.