Dawn SOLD in "Designer Genes Sale", for 6000gns

She is an excellent example of this good cow family.

Cow Families- what's it all about? Now for the "science bit"!

Mitochondrial DNA is passed fom the mother to her offspring UNCHANGED via the egg, not split and recombined like nuclear DNA. 

The sire of a calf does not pass his mitochondria to the embryo, as they are left in the mid-piece of the sperm, outside the egg at fertilisation.

As these unchanged genes from the dam are in the power-stations / mitochondria of the cells, it is thought they are more concerned with energy production and general "thrift" of the animal.

This is the reason you have good cow families and bad ones!  The best of bulls maystill disappoint you when used on dodgy females!

Our DAWN COW FAMILY comes from the Romany herd. We bought a heifer at Carlisle and our Moorside Dawns & New Dawns are descended from that heifer. 

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Dams awesome udder!

Lot 8's dam has a great udder- neat & tidy, level, even, with distinct small/medium sized teats.  Dawn 1st. is in her "working clothes" below, taken summer 2021

Her dam, Dawn 1st. in her working clothes.

Below is CCR Stamina, Dawn 2nd.'s Maternal Grand Sire- we found him to be good for Rib Eye Area, Length and Udder Quality:-

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above, Tomahawk, Dawn 2nd.'s full brother.

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Dawn 2nd.'s sire, the famous Coley 1 Pilot- still winning!!!

Oh, and she sold for 6000 gns.


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