Moorside Easy Care Sheep

· Sheep,Easy Care

We've a great flock of low maintenance sheep. We've graded up / introduced wool shedding genes over the last seven years. We had an outdoor lambing Lleyn flock to base this new breeding on. 

The aim is to breed a Lleyn, but with a haircoat and a short shedding wool coat.

We are still tweeking the system, but we have not sheared for three years and only had to catch one ewe at lambing, which was a hogget. We lambed 120 sheep.

Next year we will spread the lambing ewes out more, so they have more grass. We are installing more penning for the calving cows to preserve the grass and stop poaching in wet springs.

We will have some MV accredited ewes FOR SALE soon. 

Please email or call for details.