Moorside sells at "Designer Genes Sale"

The Designer Genes Sale 2017, 9th. December


Lot 2 - Moorside 1 Mink 2nd. SOLD TO MR. BRANCH FOR 3000gns

Our homebred, 6 year old cow. Mink 2nd. ha shad a calf every spring since she was 2 year old.

Last years calf, Nebraska, was used as a herd sire this year and is the sire of Lot 6's pregnancy.

Mink 2nd. is the dam of lot 2A

She also in Vet scanned in calf to 'female sexed semen' from Netherhall 1 Oz Daffy, due in March 2018.

She is a large, long & deep cow with a good udder , feet and legs. She will keep on producing long after some dreamy heifers have fizzled out.

Not halter broken or shown until this year, she is very quiet and good to lead. She was shown three times this year, in good company. Being beaten by Dendor 1 Jennefer, Female of the Year & Coley 1 Clara, the Highland Show Champion, but being FamaleChampion at Garstang Show, behind Bull of the Year

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Moorside 1 Mink 2nd.

Lot 2A- Moorside 1 Mink 6th.

MINK 6th., an 8 months old heifer calf.
A great pedigree, a great heifer calf & great EBV's
Her dam is Lot 2, so you can check her out too!

Health Scheme- TB4, PMTBT -ve. BVD & Johnes Accredited.
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Lot 6 Moorside 1 Jane 7th. SOLD TO MR. HODGE FOR 3000gns.

Jane 7th is out of one of our foundation cows- "Big Jane" a joint Hereford Female of the Year and sired by Romany 1 Lawbreaker.

She was born unassisted, as were all our Lawbreaker calves.

Jane has not been shown as we always intended to keep her ourselves, but when the opportunity came up for DGS, we thought we would give others the chance of buying into the Jane family. DGS is really about animals that you really don't want to sell anyway!

She has been Vet scanned in calf to Moorside 1 Nebraska (son of lot 2)

Health Scheme- TB4, PMTBT -ve. BVD & Johnes Accredited.
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